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The possibilities of 3D on the web are enormous. What could you do with 3D ?


Use VRMLmagic's powerful tools to construct your interactive 3D webpages.


Save your world ready for viewing on the web (in VRML/X3D 3D format).


See the web come to life as the 3D content leaps off the page.

VRMLmagic provides you with a range of features all designed to make it easy for you to create stunning interactive 3D worlds. Whether you're building an impressive 3D navigation bar for your company site or creating an immersive VRML virtual world, VRMLmagic provides the tools you need.

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With an innovative interface that allows you to interactively manipulate and construct your world, you can simply choose your objects and interactively position them in the 3D view, then follow the same method to position your lights and cameras.

For that extra touch of the spectacular you'll want to make use of VRMLmagic's ability to add sound and interactivity to your world.

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With VRMLmagic creating interactive webpages is as simple as Objects, Lights, Cameras, Action!

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System Requirements:

Hardware Requirements

  • Any computer with 16-bit or better graphics that can run one of the supported operating systems can run VRMLmagic. For best performance we recommend a graphics card with 3D hardware acceleration.

Operating Systems Supported

  • Microsoft Windows 98 or above (including Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000 or XP)

Key Features

Interactive 3D Design Environment

  • Drag & Drop and interactively manipulate objects, lights and cameras in the 3D workspace

Pre-Built Action Scripts

  • Access powerful programming techiques (giving your world interactivity) by simply selecting actions from a dialog. No need to program them yourself.

Heading / Logo Construction Tool

  • Quickly turn your heading / logo into a 3D VRML object using the Extrusion tool - straight from an image, no messy outlines or EPS required.

Use of International 3D Web Standard

  • VRMLmagic uses the VRML / X3D standard, ensuring your worlds will work on the web.

In this page we've only briefly described some of the many features of VRMLmagic. For a complete rundown of the technical details (ie. full functionality of the package) check the Features section (try the User Manual for even more detail). For some example worlds and screenshots try the Gallery page.

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