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This page includes a gallery of example VRML worlds (all created by VRMLmagic) and screenshots (of VRMLmagic's interface). If you wish to contribute your own creations (or links) to this page let us know via our Feedback page.

Example VRML Worlds

Below on the right are some examples of the kinds of interactive 3D VRML worlds you can create with VRMLmagic. Simply click on the image or link to interact with these 3D worlds in your browser. These are simply some examples to help inspire your own creative ideas.

NOTE: to view the worlds you will need to have a VRML browser plug-in installed, these are freely available so if you don't have one click here to get one.


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Interactive Worlds

VRML 3D Web Page
  • Extruded Heading
    • This simple hand drawn heading / logo bitmap has been extruded and turned into an interactive spinning object (Note, move over heading to see it cycle through the rainbow of colours).
VRML 3D Web Page
  • Textured Navigation Bar
    • A set of simple spinning textured boxes, which enlarge when moved over and link to parts of the Scintillating Graphics site when clicked.
VRML 3D Web Page
  • Car Designer
    • Interactively change the color of the cars chasis, simply by moving over one of the colored balls (rainbow cycles through colors (move off ball to set the color)). You can also construct / de-construct the car by moving over the parts (on the left platform).
VRML 3D Web Page
  • Shop Front
    • A simple "Virtual Reality" shop front with products that enlarge when moved over and link to the Scintillating Graphics online store when clicked.
VRML 3D Web Page
VRML 3D Web Page
  • Screenshots Wheel
    • Example screenshots cycle around and can be moved over to enlarge or clicked on to go to full-size versions.

VRML 3D Web Page

  • Interactive Navigation Bar
    • This example shows a simple 3D navigation bar with a 3D heading/logo and clickable link objects to pages within the VRMLmagic site (see the Tips and Tricks section for a tutorial on building this).

VRML 3D Web Page

  • Simple Interactive Shapes
    • This example demonstrates some of the many interactive actions VRMLmagic supports, by having a set of simple shapes that react in a variety of ways to user interaction.
VRML 3D Web Page
  • Simple Interactive Lights
    • This example demonstrates some interactive lighting effects. Simply move over the white balls to alter the lighting effects.

VRML web 3D web3D VR X3D

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