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VRMLmagic Updates & Patches

The current version of VRMLmagic is version 1.0 (ie. there are no patches or updates currently available).

Other Downloads

Web Resources

If you're looking for Web Resources (eg. Objects, Textures, Sounds) see the sections on the Tips & Tricks Page

VRML Plugins

There are several VRMLplugins freely available (these are not Scintillating Graphics products and provide varying levels of functionality/reliability and system support), to get one running on your system download one of the following links and install the plugin as needed.


VRMLmagic makes use of Java technology, (although not required) it is freely available and the latest versions may give you improved performance. We recommend updating to the latest version of Java as follows:

Webbrowser Applications

Although it is not critical for you to have the latest version of your webbrowser installed (both VRMLmagic and the worlds it creates do not require you to update) it is always a good idea to download and install the latest versions. Again these are freely available and simply need to be downloaded and installed:

VRML web 3D web3D VR X3D

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