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Build Interactive 3D Webpages on your Desktop

VRMLmagic offers a unique, affordable combination of ground-breaking tools and features. The easy to use interface makes building 3D webpages a breeze. No scripting or programming required, VRMLmagic handles all those details for you, letting you focus on designing the most effective 3D webpages.

VRML Interactive 3D Web Page

See the table below for VRMLmagic's Technical Specifications. With VRMLmagic at your fingertips you'll be creating fully interactive 3D worlds right from your desktop.

Technical Specifications

Designing & Creating Worlds

  • Work with multiple views (one for every camera if you like)
  • Work in 4 view (Top, Front, Side, Camera) or camera view modes on a per window basis
  • Define multiple cameras (with unique names)
  • Create multiple objects (including complex heirarchial objects)
  • Define multiple lights (each with unique types and attributes)
  • Specify world's background color
  • Use the pre-defined surfaces or create your own surface materials to enrich your objects
  • See the effect of your lights previewed in the working environment

Personalize your Design Environment

  • Choose renderring quality
  • Choose selection color
  • Turn on/off visible representation of lights and/or cameras
  • Enable / disable training wheels (drag & rotate axies to aid in object positioning / orientation)
  • Turn on/off interaction grids (help to show current working plane)

General Editing

  • 3D views allow for interactive manipulation of objects, lights and cameras
  • Clone feature enables you to quickly copy out an existing item
  • Align items on axis allows you to quickly line up items in 3D space (get their height, depths etc to match)
  • Evenly Space feature allows you to arrange a set of items evenly across a 3D space (good for headings & navigation bars)
  • Undo feature allows you to step back from undesirable changes

Input Formats

  • 3D Objects
    • VRML (.wrl)
    • Alias/Wavefront (.obj)
  • Images (Texture Files etc)
    • GIF
    • JPEG
    • TIFF
    • RGB
    • PBM, PGM, PPM
  • Sound (Audio Files)
    • WAVE
    • AU
    • AIFF
    • SND
    • Many others (based on formats supported by your Java version)
Object Creation & Editing
  • Primitive objects including:
    • Box
    • Cone
    • Cylinder
    • Sphere
    • Pyramid
    • Rectangle
    • Disc
  • Complex objects including:
    • 3D Terrain, create a bumpy surface, anything from soft ripples up to jagged mountains
    • 3D Text, create three dimensional extruded text in the font of your choice
    • 3D Extrusion, use this powerful tool to take an image (eg. company logo) and turn it into an extruded 3D version
    • Load a file, use this to load an existing object in either VRML (.wrl) or Alias/Wavefront (.obj) formats
  • Interactively (in the 3D views) position, orient and resize your objects
  • Specify surface attributes either by using a pre-defined surface or creating your own by setting surface attributes like:
    • Color
    • Shininess (ie. matte to glossy)
    • Transparency
    • Reflection
    • Texture Image
    • Texture Mapping (auto or tiled)
  • Attach sounds to your objects
  • Specify interactivity for your objects
    • Make object sensitive to any or all of: touch, visibility, proximity or dragging
    • Use pre-defined actions to generate a response to user input
    • Pre-defined actions enable you to specify the attributes you wish to use (eg. in a "go to URL" action you will be shown a dialog to get you to specify the target URL you wish to choose)
    • Some examples of pre-defined actions include:
      • Go to URL
      • Spin This Object while over
      • Spin Linked Object while over
      • Turn on/off (or set any other light atribute) of light when clicked
      • Set items color / texture (any surface attributes) when clicked
      • Many others covering the common types of actions needed
  • Use the interactive environment to place your objects in the 3D space and view them from the perspective of your cameras using the multiple views

Output Formats

  • Renderred Images in JPEG format
  • World Output in VRML format (International Web standard)

Saving & Exporting for the Web

  • Automatically groups all required files (sounds, textures etc) in saving directory (to make transfer to the web easier)
  • Use of relative links for attached files (such as textures, sounds) makes web-transfer simple
  • VRML Web Standard 3D format
  • X3D (incoming 3D web standard) Compliant
  • Compressed format makes for faster downloads

Light Creation & Editing

  • Choose from light types including:
    • Positional Lights
    • Spot Lights
    • Directional Lights
  • Specify light attributes such as on/off, color, strength, direction, spot size, spot focus (where appropriate)
  • Interactively manipulate lights (position / orientation) in the view by simple drag and drop style manipulation

Camera Creation & Editing

  • Create multiple cameras
  • Specify names and other attibutes such as "twist about line of sight" (not all camera need to be upright) as desired
  • Interactively drag the camera and focal target to get that perfect view
  • Use a view from this camera as you manipulate it to perfectly line up your view
  • Each camera becomesa viewpoint in the final VRML world, allowing your users to jump straight to that location

Purchasing Information

  • Secure online purchase & download for immediate delivery
  • Physical delivery (CD based content) available
  • Each licence when purchased includes:
    • VRMLmagic Application Software
    • VRMLmagic Licence Key
    • VRMLmagic Action Scripts
    • Example Objects
    • Example Sounds
    • VRMLmagic User Manual (also available online)
    • VRMLmagic Pre-defined Surface Set

System Requirements

  • Hardware:
    • Any computer with 16-bit or better graphics that can run one of the supported operating systems can run VRMLmagic. For best performance we recommend a graphics card with 3D hardware acceleration
  • Operating Systems Supported:
    • Microsoft Windows 98 or above (including Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000 or XP)
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