User Manual


If theres only one page of information about VRMLmagic you read, make sure its the "Critical User Information" page.

Welcome the the VRMLmagic user manual. This document outlines all of the features in the VRMLmagic application in a step-by-step users guide. It is designed to take you from a complete novice level and give you the skills to make the most of the tools available. For those who are new to the package we recommend starting at the beginning and working your way to the end of this manual, by doing so you will cover all of the features, and get to try each as you go. Experience has taught us that the best way to learn is to get in and use the features, for this reason you will notice throughout this manual the small "Try It Now" graphic appears in many locations, the intent of this is to get you to stop reading the manual and try using the features described in the actual package. The manual is designed to build your skills as you go such that by the end you will have had experience with all of the tools and be comfortable in using them for your own projects. We hope you find this manual a useful tool in getting more out of the VRMLmagic application.

What Can VRMLmagic do ?

VRMLmagic is a VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) authoring tool, its primary purpose is to provide you with tools to construct interactive three-dimensional content for publication on the World Wide Web. For those who aren't familiar with VRML it is the international standard for "Virtual Reality" - 3D content on the WWW, the VRML standard was first adopted back in October 1994 and has since undergone several version updates to enable more complex and interactive content to be displayed. For a more thorough description of the VRML standard (tech docs) take a look at the VRML 97 International Standard.

VRMLmagic taps the most powerful features of the VRML standard to enable you to create fully interactive three-dimensional content through an easy to use interface. It gives you the tools to create 3D objects, lights and cameras and move them around in "Virtual 3D Space". It allows you to create a complete virtual environment that is sensitive to user interactions and can respond to those actions. VRMLmagic provides you with the tools, we look forward to seeing the many creative and practical uses this technology can satisfy.

User Manual