Interactivity Tips

In this section we describe some simple tips and tricks that make adding interactivity to your world easier and more effective. These tips describe the actions you need to take to achieve specific effects. For more specific details on particular features of VRMLmagic consult the User Manual.

Over time we will add more tips and tricks to this section, so check back regularly for updates.

Keep it Simple & Consistent

Research into human computer interaction shows that humans prefer consistency in their computer interfaces. As a general rule it is best to stick with simplest and most consistent interface you can.

For example have all of your clickable items interact in the same way (eg. spin when user moves pointer over them), this way the users quickly learn to identify the interactive items. Although you could have 20 different actions occur when user moves over clickable items, a consistent approach will be most effective. Below are some tips for interactive items in your world:

Making Items Appear / Disappear

Unfortunately VRML doesn't enable you to destroy geometry. You could simply make the object transparent when clicked, but this "invisible" object is still clickable in the VRMLplugin, what you really need is to be able to make it disappear.

You can generate the effect of appearing and disappearing items by simply moving them to "very distant" locations. Heres and example of how you can make an object disappear (when another object (A) is clicked then reappear when (B) is clicked)

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