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Problems Previewing in Webbrowsers

Getting VRMLmagic "Preview in ..." to Work

Preview simply attempts to run the specified browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape) with the VRML world file you have created. This action can fail for several reasons, usually it will fail because you don't have a VRMLplugin installed, however it can also fail if you do not have the browser itself installed or if your browser settings are restricting some features. To ensure the correct functioning of the preview system you will need to check/update your system to have both the webbrowser application and the VRMLplugin installed and working correctly. Follow the steps below to identify and rectify the problem.

Missing the Requested Browser ?

Do you have the requested browser on your system ?

If yes, skip to "Missing a VRML Plugin" below, otherwise you'll need to install it. For obvious reasons if you want to preview in Netscape/Explorer you will need to have them installed. Both of these applications are freely available on the web. So if your system doesn't have them it is simple to correct by downloading and installing the required browser application(s) as follows:

Missing a VRML Plugin ?

Do you have a VRMLplugin installed on your system ?

If yes skip to next section, if you don't have a VRML plugin installed then you'll need to get one for preview to work. Luckily this is an easy task as they are freely available on the web, all you need to do is download and install:

You have the Browser & Plugin but it still won't work

This is a more complex problem and could have several causes:

Is JavaScript or Java disabled in your Browser Settings ?

Does the Browser associate .wrl with the Plugin ?

Is this a version issue ?

Is this a Plugin specific issue ?

Previewing in Other Browsers

VRMLmagic provides menu items to preview in only Microsofts Internet Explorer and Netscapes Navigator, primarily as they are the two most common browsers in use. However we realize there are numerous other webbrowsers out there.

How do I preview in browser X ?

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