Please Select Your Preferred Video Quality...

Auto Detect...
Will try to automatically detect the speed of your Internet link and
select the appropriate setting, but may be inaccurate.
3 KB/sec
5 KB/sec
8 KB/sec
12 KB/sec
16 KB/sec
Modem or ISDN...
Still images with no video content except where explicitly asked for,
and even then with the option of miniature versions of videos.
20 KB/sec
25 KB/sec
30 KB/sec
35 KB/sec
40 KB/sec
Slow DSL/ADSL...
Low-but-tolerable video quality, roughly equal to VideoCD. Some
noticeable visual artifacts due to the heavy compression required.
50 KB/sec
60 KB/sec
70 KB/sec
80 KB/sec
90 KB/sec
Slow Cable, Fast DSL/ADSL, Satellite...
Good quality video, roughly equal to VHS. Few visual artifacts, but
not super high resolution (typically around 320x240).
100 KB/sec
150 KB/sec
200 KB/sec
250 KB/sec
300 KB/sec
Fast Cable, The Future...
High quality video, roughly equal to DVD or digital TV. Much higher
resolution (eg: 480x360 or 640x480), so larger with more visual detail.

NOTE: Not all videos are available in all qualities (especially DVD quality),
but you will automatically fall back to a lower quality in those cases.

Video quality & link speed detection provided by JasonsScripts.
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